Horses Nutrition with Equilize and FeedX Australia

Product formulation
+ development

Do you want to create products that fit and flourish in your intended market? That do what they claim, create better horse health and make you money? I can help make this process flow easily; with my extensive knowledge of commodities, horse nutrient requirements, formulation, milling, manufacture and premixes, pastures, forages and equine market segments.

I have developed numerous leading equine products on the market in Australia, the USA and Japan, and the businesses I work with continue to thrive.

On-ground support

Part of being a great feed or supplement company is providing top-level customer support. I can help you support your customers, particularly when they are faced with tricky situations. I relish finding solutions that are practical, effective and scientific. Whether it’s on-farm or in-stable, when you’re customers are faced with a nutrition challenge, you want to know they are in safe hands.

Rest assured. I have almost 40 years experience as a horse owner, 20 years as an equine nutritionist, a background in agriculture, and a solid understanding of soil/pasture/animal relationships.

I’ve worked with Olympic level performance horses, Group One racehorses, major breeding operations, old kids ponies and everything in between. I can definitely help your customers feed better, safer, easier.

Equilize On ground Customer Support
Equilize Scientific Market Research

Scientific + market research

Do you need to conduct some research, but aren’t quite sure where to start? I can help. I am a researcher to my core.

With a PhD in equine nutrition, and a passion for finding things out, I can coordinate scientific and market research projects for you. These are always designed to yield relevant, statistically robust information to develop or support your products, or enable you to extend your reach within your chosen markets.


Want to speak right to your market? Need your products to stand out against your (hundreds of) competitors? Want to educate your customers and build trust for your brand? The key is copy that is easy to understand, fun to read and resonates with your audience.

My natural flair (and training) with writing, means I can explain even complex scientific concepts in ways your customers will get! If you want your customers always wanting to hear more, ask me to write for you!

If you like, you can check out the way I write here.

Equilize Copywriting
Equilize Staff Sales Team Training

Staff + sales team training

Your staff and sales team are the face of your business. Your customers judge your brand by them. Make a lasting and positive impression by having knowledgeable staff – who can explain your products and nutrition to your customers.

My friendly, always easy to understand, yet science-backed approach, means that sales teams love learning with me. Their extra understanding of the products they’re selling makes it much easier for them to ‘sell’, and it gives them the confidence they need to help them thrive within their role.

Presentations + education

Do you want horse owners to do better for their horses? Feed smarter? Safer? And stop wasting money on useless products? Me too. Teaching people basic horse nutrition is the best way to create this change.

In my presentations I combine credible science with practical knowledge (plus a bunch of props borrowed from my kids), and my sense of humour to present information in a way that is easy to understand and fun.

I provide information that is super simple for your customers to implement, to help them improve the health and performance of their horses (and thank you for it).

Dr Nerida Richards Equilize_FeedX Australia


While I am based in Australia, I work all over the world and relish a challenge.
If you think I could help you, get in touch. A quick chat and we will soon figure
out if I am the right fit for your business.