How to Feed Better. Safer. Smarter. Course (12 Months Access)

$199 AUD

12 Months Access

Horse nutrition can get so confusing! So many opinions… thousands of products. It really does get overwhelming.

But here is the thing, feeding horses can be kept really simple! It’s just a matter of having enough knowledge to help you feel confident in how you do it.

Enough of the worry and stress! It’s time to feel more confident about what to feed your horse!

And time to feed your horses in a way that keeps them calmer, healthier and performing to their full potential!

Join me for this 8-module course to learn about your horse’s gut, what nutrients they need and which ingredients you can use to provide those nutrients.

Plus learn specifically about feeding for performance and breeding, as well as feeding horses with nutrition related disease conditions! And take a detailed look at forage!

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