How To Feed Better. Safer. Smarter

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In this course learn a better, safer and smarter way to feed horses with Dr Nerida Richards

Do you find yourself worrying about what you are feeding your horse? Does any little issue with your horse make you question whether you are feeding right?

Do you get confused with all the conflicting advice from everyone you ask? Or are you spending a small fortune on feeds, yet still not getting the results you want?

If you do, you are not alone! This is the way so many of us feel and what so many of us do when it comes to feeding horses!

And here is where I would love to help you… by giving you that little bit more knowledge around how to feed horses, so you can be more confident and less confused and worried when it comes to feeding!

Join me as I walk you through your horse’s gut, the nutrients they need, the ingredients you can use to supply those nutrients and how to put together a simple diet!

Then we will go into more detail on feeding performance horses, broodmares and growing horses and nutrition related diseases. And finish with a focus on the single most important ingredient in your horse’s diet… forage!

Learn How To Feed Horses Better. Safer. Smarter.