Do you want products that work, that horses love to eat and that are practical to manufacture?
This is my specialty.
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Are your customers facing a tricky nutrition problem? I can help them find the best solution.
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Well planned (and conducted) research yields valuable information. But how should you do it to ensure it's money well spent? I can help.
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Do you want to speak right to your market in a style that resonates with your customers & makes your products stand out from the crowd? I can help.
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Your customers judge your brand by your sales team. Arm them with the knowledge they need, so they can effectively educate your customers and gain trust.
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Wish horse owners would feed smarter? Better. Safer. Me too. I can teach your customers basic nutrition to help create this change. And it will help them get the best out of your products too!
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Are you from a horse feed or supplement company? Need some help creating stand-out products that your customers will love (& keep coming back for)?

You’re in exactly the right place. Fact: the horse feed market is crowded! For your products to stand-out, they need to be designed and positioned correctly… right from the get go. That’s where I come in. At Equilize Horse Nutrition I help you design products that taste great, are practical to manufacture, simple to promote, placed in the correct price bracket and backed by robust science. I can do the research (scientific and market), product development & positioning, formulating, and the writing too (scientific, packaging and marketing copy).

Translating science into plain English is my speciality. So not only will your products do what they claim to, but they’ll speak to your customers as well.

“Poseidon Equine has fast developed a reputation for delivering not only quality Equine Digestive products, but great information and advice. We owe this to Dr Nerida Richards, whose knowledge and attention to details, as our equine nutrition consultant is beyond measure. Not only is she incredibly professional but she is also a great person to work with. She has a genuine love  of horses and commitment to developing evidence based products and advice. We are proud  to have her as part of our team.

Linda Lord
Poseidon Equine


FeedXL is a nutrition calculator.
You tell FeedXL about your horse, with details like its age, body weight and workload. FeedXL works out what nutrients your horse needs. Then you tell FeedXL what you are feeding and FeedXL works out which nutrients are being fed.
Then FeedXL compares what your horse needs to what is being fed and will show you which nutrient requirements are being met and which are not.
If you want to streamline the way you feed, save money and improve your horse’s health, you need to use FeedXL.

Are you a horse owner, trainer or breeder? Like some help designing a diet for your horses?

Maybe you’re wondering if what you’re feeding is actually meeting your horses’ needs? Could you do it better? Or cheaper? Find out. Jump over to our FeedXL website, and discover our online horse nutrition calculator.

It’s super easy to use, 100% independent and is scientifically calculated. FeedXL identifies hidden gaps & helps you design the perfect diet. It can handle any feed, supplement, situation or horse type you can throw at it and even takes into account specific problems like lamintis and tying up.


While I am based in Australia, I work all over the world and relish a challenge. If you think I could help you, get in touch. A quick chat and we will soon figure out if I am the right fit for your business.